Our Mission

Raptor Rescue is committed to supporting the care of wounded and injured birds of prey as well as providing educational opportunities for the public to gain awareness of these majestic creatures.

Learn With Us!

Through our accessible information both online and in person, we strive to provide opportunities for the public to cultivate reverence for and a commitment to protecting birds of prey.

Rescuing Raptors

We provide first aid to injured birds, stabilize life-threatening injuries, and ensure safe transportation from the injury site to an avian hospital capable of treating the injury.

We Are A 501(a) Non-Profit Organization

Raptor Rescue, Inc. Chapters
Services and educational programs are available in the following cites:

Greater St Louis Area
Greater Kansas City Area
Greater Wichita Kansas Area
Little Rock, Arkansas

Dallas, Texas
Ft Worth, Texas
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Reno, Nevada
Sacramento, California